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Selected press

“4444 is taking puzzle addiction to the next level.” –The Indie Game Magazine

“A puzzle game a lot of folks are going to enjoy.” –Slimgamer.com

“The sound design is totally awesome, a retro-future female robot voice giving you kudos along the way.” –Appszoom.com

“It’s a clever design that builds a challenge from some very simple rules of play, and that’s to be applauded.” –Pocket Gamer


A minimalist action puzzle with unique mechanics.

• Over 80 brain-teasing, epiphany-inducing, stress-relieving levels.
• Three game modes will keep you busy for weeks.
• Unique game mechanics.
• Sugar free: no candies, jellies or other fattening nonsense.
• Beautiful minimalist graphics with a retro hint.


Winner of the Top 5 Game Award
at the Casual Connect’s Indie Prize
Kiev, October 2013


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